Understanding Fragmentation and Volatility in a Connected Architecture

Posted April 3, 2019 in Business & Enterprise Architecture

In digital businesses, fragmentation is a design decision to deal with the fluidity of the business processes and business boundaries. It’s important to understanding the consequences in terms of the energy it takes to keep information con­sistent across a fragmented data landscape. Once you can accept that the beastly nature of working with information is created by your own actions and is an inherent part of the collaboration process that makes information work for you, you can finally start to for­mulate solutions.

About The Author
Martijn ten Napel
Martijn ten Napel is an experienced architect in the data domain. He is currently working on ways to provide organizations with the tools needed to help them understand the consequences of their behavior and to simplify their data landscape. Mr. ten Napel publishes on this subject at He earned a master’s of science degree in economics and business administration from Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands. He can… Read More
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