The Urban Planner Metaphor for EA

Posted April 27, 2016 | Technology |

It may be fair to say that many of the problems people see with enterprise architecture come from the name that the profession has given itself. “Architecture” implies a responsibility for the overall structure of the organization, a role that involves controlling and approving any changes to how the parts are put together. By analogy, this places the enterprise architect in a role similar to that of a building architect, with an overall responsibility for the structure of the enterprise.

Many have felt that “urban planner” is a better meta­phor, because the urban planner looks at how all the individual buildings fit together, considers how the structure and layout of a city affect the lives of its inhabitants, and helps to realize the overall vision of the city. I agree that this metaphor is better, and I think the evolution of urban planning provides some additional insights.

About The Author
Kevin Brennan
Kevin Brennan is an independent consultant in product management and business architecture and Professor at George Brown College, Canada. He has led organizations through strategic and business unit planning and execution, played a leadership role in enterprise change, developed and launched multiple products for a global audience, and managed a product portfolio through the entire product lifecycle. Mr. Brennan is best known for leading the… Read More
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