Value from Applying ML to Big Data

Posted January 23, 2018 in Data Analytics & Digital Technologies
Figure 1 — Commodity ML platforms.

A small number of cutting-edge companies have effectively exploited big data’s potential. These companies have a strong focus on data gathering, recognize the potential value locked in their data, and effectively use machine learning to convert potential value into real, measurable business value. In this Advisor, we outline examples of three such companies and the way in which they utilize ML in practice.

About The Author
Greg Smith
Greg Smith is a Cutter Fellow and Managing Partner of Arthur D. Little (ADL). He founded and co-leads ADL's Digital Problem Solving practice and is a member of ADL's Executive Committee, where he has responsibility for ADL's global innovation strategy. His work focuses on business strategy in the context of digital transformation as well as the application of disruptive information technologies in solving intractable business problems in major… Read More
Michael Papadopoulos
Michael Papadopoulos is a Senior Consultant with Cutter Consortium's Business & Enterprise Architecture and Business Agility & Software Engineering Excellence practices, Chief Architect of Arthur D. Little’s (ADL's) UK Digital Problem Solving practice, and a member of ADL's AMP open consulting network. He is passionate about designing the right solutions using smart-stitching approaches, even when elegance and architectural purity are… Read More
Andreas Macek
Andreas Macek is a Digital Strategy Consultant at Arthur D. Little. He has extensive experience in digital strategy and IT transformation following an Agile approach through management consulting roles in FTSE 250 companies. He can be reached at
Andrea Solda
Andrea Solda is a Data Scientist at Arthur D. Little. He specializes in data analysis, machine learning, and deep learning. He also has experience in software engineering and project management. He can be reached at
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