The Vision & Aftermath of ClimateDAO

Posted November 9, 2022 | Technology | Amplify
Climate DAO
This case study is based on an interview with Elliott Waxman about his co-founding of ClimateDAO, an organization that invited private investors to collaborate on decarbonizing efforts. ClimateDAO was born from a crowdsourcing campaign that generated $80,000 worth of cryptocurrency. However, challenges associated with the DAO structure led to complications that soon required a substantial restructuring.
About The Author
Elliot Waxman
Elliot Waxman is cofounder of Awake (formerly ClimateDAO). He spent the early part of his career grappling with questions around the artificial intelligence alignment problem. More recently, Mr. Waxman concentrates on tackling existential risk from the climate angle. Prior to Awake, he was a researcher at KPMG's Innovation Lab, where he delivered projects related to corporate governance and the global energy transition. He can be reached at… Read More
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