What Is an API — Really?

Posted March 31, 2016 | Technology |

You can find variations on the definition of API all over the Internet. An API is a description of a software component in terms of its inputs, outputs, and operations. The inputs, outputs, and operations comprise the interface to the component (i.e., the application programming interface). In this sense, APIs have been part of system documentation for decades. However, there’s one key aspect to APIs that goes beyond good documentation housekeeping: APIs define interfaces and service usually without regard to implementation details.

About The Author
Jesse Feiler
Jesse Feiler is a developer, consultant, and author specializing in Apple technologies. He is the creator of Minutes Machine for iPad, Saranac River Trail app, and the forthcoming Trails & Places app. As a consultant, Mr. Feiler has worked with small businesses and nonprofits on such projects as production control, publishing, and project management, usually involving FileMaker and iOS Core Data. His books include: Introduction to SQLite for… Read More
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