Executive Update

What I Learned About Agility from a Construction Company

Posted May 6, 2019 in Business Agility & Software Engineering Excellence

From the moment a work crew from STS Construction (STS) showed up at my house until the whole project was finished almost a year later, I witnessed and participated in some of the best Scrum I have seen. Even though STS had never heard of Scrum and would not have known what the term meant, the company had come up with a way of working that was Scrum. Not only was I impressed by the tactical scrum onsite, but when I learned how STS did its project management and scheduling, I was equally impressed by its strategic scrum working habits. This Executive Update discusses the primary Scrum patterns and practices I saw in STS’s work that helped make our home remodel a success. (Not a client? For a limited time, you can download your complimentary copy here.)

About The Author
Dan Rawsthorne
Dan Rawsthorne is Chief Scientist and Senior Agility Instructor at 3Back LLC. He has been doing agility continuously since 1983, and has extensive knowledge of Agile software processes, procedures, and techniques. Dr. Rawsthorne was introduced to Extreme Programming (XP) by Cutter Consortium Senior Consultant Kent Beck in 1995, to Scrum by Linda Rising soon after, and made it his life’s mission to change the world through their use. Since then,… Read More
Trai Tollett
Trai Tollett is a Supervisor at STS Construction. He has been a tradesman for 18 years, is both a journeyman mason and a journeyman finish carpenter, and has trained more than 10 apprentices. Mr. Tollet is a full house remodeler, specializing in kitchens and bathrooms, especially while the home is occupied. In his four years at STS, he has finished 30 jobs successfully and was onsite Crew Chief for 25 of them. As Crew Chief on a “lived-in”… Read More
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