What’s Next for Banks?

Posted September 7, 2017 | Leadership |

The main threat for banks does not come from outside but from within. It is not the fintech companies that are the biggest danger. On the contrary, they offer many new and fresh ways of working that traditional banks would never have thought of. The biggest danger for banks is their difficulty in quickly adapting to this changing landscape, opening up, and determining whom to collaborate with, acquire, ignore, or compete against.

About The Author
Bjorn Cumps
Bjorn Cumps is a Professor of Financial Services Innovation and Fintech at Vlerick Business School, with a passion for banking and technology. Dr. Cumps heads the Vlerick Centre for Financial Services, which focuses on sector-specific research. He sees technology as a great catalyst for change, inspiration, and innovation and strongly believes the new digital mindset will reshape our current financial landscape. That is why he is fascinated by… Read More
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