When Dr. Kevorkian Makes a House Call

Posted February 29, 2004 in Business Technology & Digital Transformation Strategies, Business Technology & Digital Transformation Strategies

For reasons I don't quite understand, I have often been called on to determine whether an organization should turn off life support on some major, out-of-control IT project. In the vast percentage of cases, even where there are signs of life, I usually recommend that the project in question be allowed to expire. I suppose that's why I find myself being referred to as the "Dr.

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Ken Orr
Ken Orr was a Fellow of the Cutter Business Technology Council and a Senior Consultant with Cutter Consortium's Data Analytics & Digital Technologies, Business Technology & Digital Transformation Strategies, and Business & Enterprise Architecture practices. He was also a regular speaker at Cutter Summits and symposia. Mr. Orr was an internationally recognized expert on enterprise architecture, data warehousing, knowledge management… Read More
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