Executive Update

When Should You Kill a Project? Avoiding the Trap of Sunk-Cost Fallacy

Posted February 16, 2022 | Leadership |
Experienced project managers with strong project management acumen still occasionally take part in a project that seems to take on a life of its own, devouring organizational resources. This Executive Update examines a few failure scenarios that could have been avoided with better decision-making processes and offers a set of key questions project managers should continue to ask along the project’s journey.
About The Author
Scott Stribrny
Scott Stribrny is a leading figure in the world of process improvement. With over 30 years’ diverse experience, Mr. Stribrny is the cofounder, President, and Managing Director of Group Atlantic, Inc. His current interests include change management, new paradigms for organizational design, and technology-based competitive strategy. Mr. Stribrny advises companies on how to adapt modern software development techniques to fit specific projects and… Read More
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