Where Impactful Visioning Comes In

Posted July 15, 2021 | Leadership |
Where Impactful Visioning Comes In
When cultivating great innovation teams, impactful visioning addresses the central need for purpose, the strategic foresight for leveraging emotional intelligence, the balancing of goals and mission, and mindfully organizing the teams. This Advisor explores the role of impactful visioning on innovation teams.
About The Author
Robert Ogilvie
Robert “Bobby” Ogilvie is an executive strategist and emotional intelligence coach, helping STEM professionals develop executive skills by building their cognitive velocity and business strategy acumen. His background in psychology and assessments combine with his C-level tech industry experience and ICF-certified coaching abilities to ensure measurable and predictable leadership development. Mr. Ogilvie blends strategic foresight, flow, and… Read More
Jeffrey McNally
Jeffrey J. McNally is Associate Professor in the Faculty of Management at the University of New Brunswick (UNB), Fredericton, Canada. His research interests revolve around examining the types, investments in, and outcomes of the relationships that people have with their work and/or learning organizations as exchange partners. Currently, Dr. McNally is a project lead in a global study examining the outcomes of entrepreneurship and experiential… Read More
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