Workplace Equity & Inclusion: What We're Doing Isn't Working

Posted April 7, 2022 | Leadership |
dartboard with one yellow dart in it, far from the bullseye
The elusive question, “Are we doing enough?” is the one we ask privately and quietly when reflecting on our progress toward workplace inclusivity. We ask this question among ourselves and feel somewhat reassured that no one else quite knows the answer either. However, bigger questions remain: Why are the achievements of diversity, equity, and inclusion always somewhere in the future? Why are they always “bonuses” beyond profitability, sustain­ability, and achievement of an organization’s mission?
About The Author
Ebonye Gussine Wilkins
Ebonye Gussine Wilkins is a social justice writer and editor, media activist, and the founder and CEO of Inclusive Media Solutions LLC. She has helped corporations, nonprofit organizations, and individuals assess their materials and revise or create content that better reflects the communities they serve. Ms. Gussine Wilkins works with corporations to shift the focus toward what we can do right now to make content more inclusive. She can be… Read More
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