Year 2000: Introduction

Posted September 30, 1998 | |

The Year 2000 phenomenon continues to be a schizophrenic one for the IT industry, if not for society as a whole. While more and more mainstream politicians, business leaders, and media journals describe the "millennium bug" as potentially devastating, the majority of citizens and small business owners blithely ignore the possibility that it may disrupt their lives in a mere 15 months.

About The Author
Ed Yourdon
Ed Yourdon was cofounder, with Karen Coburn, of Cutter Consortium. Ed served as Fellow of the Cutter Business Technology Council, and Founding Editor and Editor Emeritus of the Cutter IT Journal. He chaired Cutter's Summit for many years. Mr. Yourdon is widely known as the lead developer of the structured analysis/design methods of the 1970s. He was a codeveloper of the Yourdon/Whitehead method of object-oriented (OO) analysis/design and the… Read More
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