Research Study

Customer Experience Management

Customer expectations have never been higher — forcing companies and organizations across almost every industry to rethink their approaches to commerce, marketing, sales, and, in particular, customer engagement, service, and support. As a result, organizations have taken a great deal of interest in all things related to the experience customers encounter when dealing with their business.

To meet such increasingly elevated customer expectations, organizations are:

► Implementing detailed strategies for distributing customer experience (CX) practices across the organization

► Making huge investments in leading technologies designed to enhance the CX

► Using cutting-edge technologies such as AI, ML and IoT that provide advanced capabilities for implementing intelligent CX applications.

But while almost everyone can agree that providing a great CX is essential for any organization seeking to remain competitive today, implementing CX strategies and practices can be difficult and confusing.

Consequently, we are conducting a survey on how organizations are adopting or planning to adopt CX management practices and technologies and what they see as the possible impacts on their businesses.

In particular, we want to determine the actual current status of CX efforts within organizations and what their plans are for utilizing CX in the future.

We also want to hear from organizations as to what they see as the benefits and opportunities offered by CX practices and technologies and if they are actually achieving such benefits as a result of their efforts to date.  Perhaps most important, we want to identify which specific CX practices and technologies they are using, and the important trends, issues, and other considerations organizations are encountering in their CX efforts.

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Our goal is to identify important trends, keys to success, and pitfalls to avoid. And then share these with you! All answers will be kept confidential. (Bonus: if you supply us with your email address, we'll send you a coupon good for US $50 in the Cutter Consortium Bookstore.)