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From unlimited access to Cutter's rich research repository for your entire team, to unlimited inquiry privileges with our expert Senior Consultants, Cutter Membership gives you advice and insight into the areas that are pivotal to successful digitalization and digital transformation. Membership will support your organization by delivering:

► New and ongoing insight via both content and one-on-one interactions with the experts

► Cutting-edge research on the fast-changing digital disruption landscape

► Advice on innovation, change management, methodologies, technologies that will help you maximize customer engagement

► Guidance in leveraging emerging technologies and the latest business management practices

► Vendor-agnostic advice to ensure unbiased purchasing decisions 

► A platform for Centers of Excellence (CoE) and Communities of Practice (CoP) in Business & Enterprise Architecture, Agile Development, etc.


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From answering inquiries about how to turn Likes into cash; formalizing/strengthening the boundary between R&D and production for Big Data Analytics success; and the technical aspects of cloud that new users often overlook, to serving as a platform for continuous education, Cutter Membership has helped countless organizations address the spectrum of challenges technology change brings.

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The technology revolution continues to change how businesses work and how people work in and with them. Today's demands on software to provide useful, usable, secure, and scalable services stress all aspects of systems development. These include architecture, technology selection, product development and lifecycle management. Cutter provides comprehensive coverage for these crucial topics—through research reports and customized virtual training delivered globally—helping us to understand needs and solutions that span traditional silos.

—Eric Schoen, PhD
Director of Engineering, i2k Connect LLC 
Former Chief Software Architect, Schlumberger


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