Discover the Art and Science of Acceptance Criteria

Writing user stories for projects, perhaps particularly for business intelligence projects, already feels to many product owners like pushing a large rock up a big hill ... and needing to add solid acceptance criteria to each story feels a bit like the big hill had a false summit: Once you get to the top (user story written) you discover there's a small flat spot and then the hill continues up further, requiring additional detail in the form of acceptance criteria. As one BI PO recently put it, "I write the user story and feel like I've made excellent progress; then the team is all over me with 'That's great, but what's the acceptance criteria?', forcing me to yet again go deep. If I had tools, structure, and training, I would have shared it with my team and stopped the beatings!"

In this recorded webinar, Cutter Senior Consultants Lynn Winterboer and Hubert Smits provide answers to questions commonly asked by product owners who need a deeper understanding of the art and science of acceptance criteria:

  • How does acceptance criteria differ from the team's definition of "done"?
  • How detailed should acceptance criteria be?
  • What is included in acceptance criteria?
  • What are good examples of acceptance criteria for user stories or BI user stories, in particular?
  • How can I avoid writing bad acceptance criteria?
  • What are proven tools and techniques that will help me write effective acceptance criteria?

This on-demand webinar will help you write acceptance criteria for stories that align your team to deliver valuable results to your project stakeholders.