Agile adoption for data warehousing, BI, and analytics teams is proliferating. But applying the incremental delivery of working features and the evolutionary development of a DW/BI system by adapting to frequent customer feedback can be a pretty big shift in thinking.

Ken Collier is excited to see DW, BI and analytics teams embrace agile. But he worries about a trend he calls "basic Scrum only." Scrum’s lure -- that it is popular and easy to understand -- leads many IT leaders to believe that daily Scrum meetings, short iterations (sprints), and ScrumMaster certification for project managers is all that is necessary to "go agile." Not surprisingly, he's hearing an increasing number of "agile isn't working for us" stories.

Watch Ken Collier in this on-demand webinar to learn:

  • How to enable the collaboration and continuous realignment of expectations between developers, customers, and managers that agile analytics requires.
  • Who makes up the core group of critical project community members without whom the agile analytics project cannot succeed?
  • The collaboration characteristics shared by effective analytics teams, and how you can become an effective leader who fosters these characteristics.

Examine the benefits achieved by these organizations that are "being agile" versus those who merely "do agile". Spend an hour with Ken Collier to learn where you can start.