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Agile Beyond Frameworks

Agile Beyond Frameworks

Many organizations implement SAFe, or other frameworks, expecting this to result in Enterprise Agility. Yet many organizations fail to realize that frameworks merely provide governance, or that they are simply a programme management approach. Frameworks will not, on their own, create Enterprise Agility. Frameworks are not the “yellow brick road” to the land of Oz.

In 2014 John Kotter published Accelerate, advocating the horizontal hierarchy as a route to enterprise agility. In 2018, Mik Kersten published Project to Product, which suggested not Release Trains but Value Streams. So what is beyond the frameworks? Has Agile itself “pivoted without remorse?”

In this Cutter Consortium peer-to-peer virtual discussion, Jon Ward will discuss, explore and moderate a conversation about what is Agile beyond the frameworks and beyond SAFe. Register now to join Jon and your peers on November 10 at 11am ET (see your local time) for a virtual coffee and interesting discourse on the importance of frameworks in achieving enterprise agility. (This event is limited to 5 people/member organization.)

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