Get a practical approach for embedding business architecture in the fabric of your organization.

When business architecture’s footprint expands within an organization, the practice must be formalized in order to communicate its purpose, define structure, establish consistent practices and governance, and integrate with other teams. In this all-new webinar, Cutter Senior Consultant Whynde Kuehn provides a practical approach for establishing a business architecture practice and ensuring that it becomes embedded within the fabric of an organization.

Kuehn will address common issues that arise, such as:

  • How does an organization get started with business architecture?
  • How should a business architecture team be structured?
  • How does a business architecture team become integrated into an organization?

Key takeaways include:

  • A roadmap for growing a business architecture practice
  • The four cornerstones of a business architecture practice
  • Business architecture team structure options
  • How to identify and engage with related functions and teams

Whether your organization is just starting to establish a business architecture practice, or has already embarked on this journey, Kuehn will provide valuable insight and advice.

Watch the on-demand webinar, recorded live on June 15, 2016. If your license does not include access to this webinar, contact your Account Executive by phone at +1 781 648 8700 or by email.