On-demand Webinar


Business and Biodiversity: Closing the Gap Between Ambition and Action

As companies begin to adopt ambitions for nature and report their impacts on biodiversity, there remains a significant gap between planning and action. This gap can be bridged with a strategic approach that recognizes the business drivers for biodiversity, creates space for stakeholder engagement, and acknowledges the power of corporate culture to enable or enrich such efforts. The gap is also bridged through integration of biodiversity efforts with other environmental, social, and governance (ESG) concerns like climate and community.

Drawing from three decades working at the intersection of business and biodiversity, Margaret O’Gorman and Sara Cook from the Wildlife Habitat Council (WHC) will present a model for strategic and integrated planning for private sector action on biodiversity. You’ll explore real-world case studies from companies along the value chain like CRH plc., Solvay, GM, and others; the collective impact efforts framed by supplier initiatives, as well as national and global goals for nature.

This webinar will help organizations:

  • Develop a long-term biodiversity action plan that will create business benefits and positive outcomes for nature
  • Pivot to transparency and engagement on environmental stewardship
  • Make changes to corporate culture that result in ecological restoration
  • Rectify past bad actions with good leadership
  • Integrate nature-based decisions into operations
  • Attend to biodiversity separately from climate change action
  • Assist in reversing the current trends in species loss and ecosystem degradation
  • Create a sustainable relationship with nature

Learn how your organization can achieve strategic integration of nature-based actions. Watch now.