The value of Communities of Practice in improving knowledge sharing, employee motivation, career development and an organization's image has been validated by a number of case studies. But how do you go about it? Leave it totally to employees, and the communities may not take off. Apply excessive controls, and participants will resist the heavy hand of management.

Creating communities within an organization is a cultural decision in favor of a lateral (peer-to-peer) mode of collaboration and knowledge transfer, sponsored at the highest level of management, led by senior members of the community, but not managed in a traditional sense.

In this on-demand webinar, Cutter Senior Consultant Claude Baudoin addresses:

  • The value of communities to the business as well as to the community members
  • Examples of successful communities
  • The key processes that need to be put in place, the issues that need to be resolved, to ensure success, and the paramount importance of a good governance model
  • The tools needed to support community activities