In this on-demand webinar, Balaji Prasad explores the potential that lies beyond the edge of your visible architecture.

The term "shadow IT" has become a commonly used phrase to indicate that IT investments and expenses are incurred without the IT organization's involvement or concurrence. Shadow IT is symptomatic of how enterprises really operate. There are processes, systems, and structures that are visible on the surface, and these work well for the most part. However, there are activities, investments, people, and decisions that are outside of the well-delineated boundaries of an organizational function.

There is a similar phenomenon of things that are visible but set in the backdrop of a much larger expanse of dark matter. If we have an architecture that outlines the visible enterprise, there is a "darkitecture" that we cannot describe, but that exists nevertheless.

In this on-demand webinar, Senior Consultant Balaji Prasad explains why this notion of darkitecture is so important. He shines a light on the darkitecture that envelops our architecture, by observing what enterprises do and then spotting the obvious blind spots that many organizations ignore.

Watch now and explore the potential that lies beyond the edge of our visible architecture. Staying alert to these gravitational forces can prevent your best-laid plans from going awry.