Cutter Members-only Peer-to-Peer

Dick Nolan leads a discussion of the 21st century forces challenging the executive leadership of the modern corporation.

Corporations have grown and extended their operations into the global economy to the point that the modern corporation has become larger and more influential than many sovereign countries. Many have extended their operations with very little restraint – seemingly only limited by corporate lawyers’ imaginations. World populations are more dependent on modern corporations than ever before for food, services, technologies, work and daily well-being.

In this special Peer-to-Peer session for Cutter Members, Cutter Fellow, Professor Dick Nolan will discuss the 21st century forces challenging the executive leadership of the modern corporation. Possible discussion topics include: managing in turbulent times, balancing creators and stewards, managing company culture, managing by wire, incorporating global virtual organization structures, and managing sustained innovation. Professor Nolan will answer your questions on creating a leadership agenda to transform your organization to successfully compete in the realities of the new corporate world.

Professor Nolan may also discuss the predictions he makes in his soon-to-be-published book, Executive Team Leadership in the Global Economic and Competitive Environment, including transformations:

  • From overly decentralized organizational structures to virtually IT-enabled extended network organizational structures
  • From punctuated innovation to sustained innovation
  • From "Make and sell" product/service decision-making to IT-enabled "sense and respond" decision-making

Please join us for this special event, available to Cutter Members only! Attendees will receive a signed copy of Dick's new book following the roundtable discussion.

Attendance is limited to ensure productive conversations. Don't miss this hour-long virtual peer-to-peer session! We're looking forward to a lively discussion!

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