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EV ChargingThe Future of Electric Vehicle Charging

The electric vehicle (EV) charging market stands on the threshold of disruption. By 2030, more than 50% of all newly registered vehicles will be electric, triggering a huge demand for EV charging solutions. This will, in turn, create a multi-billion dollar business. Tiny startups from the charging sphere — often backed by key utility and oil & gas players — have professionalized, have grown into serious companies and have gone public. Now the big question remains: Which players and business models will come out on top?

The public EV charging market is still in an embryonic stage but will offer tremendous growth opportunities in the next years. In this on-demand webinar, presented by Alexander Krug and Thomas Knoblinger, co-authors of the Arthur D. Little Viewpoint, “The Evolution of Public EV Charging” and “EV Charging in Europe”, you will discover the ways that some players have already started to integrate along the value chain and the ways that others have begun to diversify into adjacent business models to expand their scale, reach and service offerings. You’ll discover the forecast for:

  • General EV market development
  • Major charging use cases
  • Technology trends
  • Infrastructure forecast (per use case)
  • EV charging value chain
  • Business model archetypes
  • Main market players
  • Industry consolidation

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