Want to make your digital transformations successful? First, build your digital backbone.

Gustav ToppenbergDiscover how a powerful digital backbone can facilitate rapid innovation and responsiveness — keys to successful digital transformation.

Want to make your digital transformations successful? First, build your digital backbone. The existence of a digital backbone in an organization means that anyone aspiring and planning to transform different parts of the enterprise can leverage the digital backbone in a consistent and sustainable way, ensuring that each transformation effort connects and leverages a common platform. What is a digital backbone? It’s a framework that can help keep your organization’s disparate digital transformation efforts coordinated. It identifies the methodologies, skills and talent, and technology tool chain and infrastructure that your organization can most easily consume and adjust as the company changes.

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In this webinar, Cutter Consortium Senior Consultant Gustav Toppenberg will explain how your organization can leverage a digital backbone to support its transformation effort in terms of technology expertise, capabilities, and governance.

Toppenberg will detail the three core components of a digital backbone:

  1. Methodologies (e.g., Lean or Agile)
  2. Skills and talent (e.g., data science and machine learning)
  3. Technology tool chain and infrastructure (e.g., data and application development tool chain)

You’ll discover some key features to include in your digital backbone, including:

  • Definition of a toolchain and infrastructure that enables transformation teams to consume these as “off-the-shelf” technology offerings instead of standing up their own infrastructure and applications
  • A data management strategy that directs digital transformation teams to consume data from one common repository, which heightens the likelihood of a successful transformation effort.
  • A set of job descriptions, training modules, awareness of (or a pool of available) talent and skills that can be utilized across the enterprise for any digitalization effort.
  • And more …

But most importantly, you’ll discover why digital transformation leaders are starting to realize that a powerful digital backbone facilitates rapid innovation and responsiveness — keys to successfully executing on a digital strategy.

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