In this on-demand webinar with Cutter Senior Consultant Hillel Glazer, you'll discover the secrets of incorporating non-value-added necessities into the value-added work stream. You'll learn how High Performance Operations allow you to regularly let go of things that aren't working, and how they incorporate routine incremental kaizan. You'll discover common mistakes that hinder high performance, including the role of leadership, culture, trust, empowerment, learning and communication that will help you understand how your organization can break the molds and make a complete shift in its operations

Don't let the bureaucracy of everyday compliance issues get in the way of being lean and achieving excellence. Don't let your desire to be lean and agile turn into its own form of "compliance." Learn about a revealing systematic approach that puts compliance properly in its place -- behind your pursuit of excellence. This approach champions Lean and Agile for their benefits but remains faithful to disciplined management, development, and governance of products and services.

Popular molds for dealing with compliance matters take one of two forms: (1) layering bureaucracy atop operations to meet the requirements, or (2) waiting for an epiphany. Neither of these options work. Organizations need a way to break these molds to make a complete shift in their operations -- a major kaizen event to rebalance their efforts in favor of excellence.