On-demand Webinar

Info Vocab + Data Arch

How Business Architecture Can Help Define Data Architecture

Have you ever attended a strategy session with people from other business units only to realize that certain terms and concepts have a different meaning in your department? A disjointed information vocabulary and corresponding data architecture results in a wide range of challenges that include strategy execution failures, customer discontinuity, initiative scoping issues, regulatory violations, reporting errors, poorly aligned requirements, poor software system interoperability, proliferation of high-risk desktop solutions, and an ineffective baseline for AI solutions. How can your organization reverse its course and overcome these challenges?

In this on-demand webinar, Cutter Consortium Fellow William Ulrich will reveal how a well-articulated information map and capability map serve as the basis for defining and validating an organization’s data architecture, informing data transformation requirements, and providing a foundation for IT investments. You will see why many data architectures often miss essential information and replicate other information in ways that create major business issues. This webinar will help you:

  • Develop a well-defined, rationalized business vocabulary as a basis for your organization’s information management.
  • Achieve information clarity, consistency, and integrity.
  • Create a well-bounded, rationalized perspective on various information concepts
  • Overcome the challenges of data incongruity caused when words and language evolve independently in siloed business units
  • Reverse the course on data incongruity and software interoperability challenges
  • Create information concepts that are clearly and uniquely defined and do not overlap with any other information concept.
  • Learn how data models are derived from information maps

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