The stories and statistics are well known and troubling: the door to the CIO office remains a revolving one. Every CIO -- whether new to the organization or long-sitting -- needs to know what is required to ensure organizational success and personal longevity.

In this on-demand webinar, Cutter Fellow Lynne Ellyn, a seasoned CIO, interviews Ron Blitstein, former Director of Cutter's Business Technology & Digital Transformation Strategies practice. Ron will help you identify the landmines that already exist, or that might be on the verge of being laid at your organization. He will help you clarify just how you can successfully drive business outcomes and shareholder value -- which often require hugely disruptive initiatives and decisions -- while at the same time being careful not to create so much volatility that you get yourself turned out.

A CIO, Ron Blitstein has deep experience with how to decipher the unspoken job requirements and creating and navigating the intercompany alliances that make it possible to meet and exceed them.