Join Nancy Williams and learn how savvy BI leaders leverage data assets for performance improvement & competitive advantage.

There are many challenges that can potentially derail even the most promising BI opportunities. In this one-hour webinar, Cutter Senior Consultant Nancy Williams, coauthor of The Profit Impact of Business Intelligence, will help you overcome some of the common challenges that prevent organizations from deriving full value from their BI program and identify new BI-driven profit opportunities.

Join Nancy Williams to learn:

  • How moving away from the legacy “reporting” paradigm will help you leverage information assets
  • What approaches you can take to align BI Opportunities and investments with business value
  • Tips for developing a BI portfolio
  • The steps to take when you’re reinventing your BI program
  • How to rapidly implement BI projects that achieve your targeted business impact

Don't miss your opportunity to learn more about successful approaches BI leaders use to leverage their data assets for performance improvement and competitive advantage.