On-demand Webinar

BA for SW DesignThe Role of Business Architecture in Software Design

Software service design and deployment has a direct bearing on an organization’s ability to deliver customer value and execute its overall strategy. While web, cloud, and related software service categories remain strategic targets, underlying design challenges remain. How can your organization achieve more stable, maintainable, and scalable software systems? 

On Wednesday, February 2 at 12pm ET (see your local time), Cutter Consortium Fellow William Ulrich will divulge how an organization can use business architecture to inform and shape software designs to achieve more effective, business-aligned software systems. You’ll learn how to utilize well-articulated business abstractions to create and deploy cohesive, loosely coupled, readily reusable, and easily maintainable software services.  

This webinar will help you: 

  • Formalize the business abstractions from which software services are derived. 
  • Create and provision business abstractions that adhere to and enable the creation of software designs that meet quality standards. 
  • Leverage capabilities in a software service design context. 
  • Utilize capability decomposition to make decisions on the degree of granularity desired in each set of software services. 
  • Facilitate value-oriented software service design. 

Learn how business architecture can provide your software design and development teams with the tools they need to deliver stable and scalable software systems, enabling business agility at a time when organizations need it the most. Register today!