In this on-demand webinar, Sara Cullen demonstrates how the items you believe are understood have a direct effect on your outsourcing arrangements' success.

We spend a tremendous amount of time getting an outsourcing contract right; assuming that if it is thorough and airtight, we'll get what we are expecting. But the most important contract isn't the written one. Another contract, an arguably more crucial one, is the unseen contract. This is a psychological contract -- the aspects that are believed to be understood despite not being written down and possibly not even discussed. The unseen contract has a direct effect on how successful our outsourcing arrangements will be.

In this webinar, Cutter Senior Consultant Dr. Sara Cullen of Melbourne University explains how the unseen contract reveals itself, why it matters so much, how it can derail outsourcing, and most importantly, how it can be harnessed to deliver superior value.