Andre Kuper

André Kuper initiates behavior changes at HP. His focus is on capturing and diffusing internal and external best practices. He develops and delivers custom training to address business needs in global operations. Mr. Kuper is an expert in supply chain management processes and has extensively published and presented in this field. Every year he runs the MIT Beer Game for Stanford University and is a guest lecturer on uncertainty management for Stanford's Operations Research students. Mr. Kuper also advises Mercy College (Dobb's Ferry, New York) on its online Masters of Internet Business Systems program. Prior to joining HP, Mr. Kuper worked at the Applied Low Temperature Lab at the University of Twente, the Netherlands, modeling currents in granular superconductors. This experience allowed him to understand and model similar complexity in supply chains. Mr. Kuper also worked for Andersen Consulting ECC as part of his training in change management and the application of technology for adult learning. He has master's degrees in applied physics and in instructional systems design, both from the University of Twente, the Netherlands. Mr. Kuper can be reached at andre.kuper at