Andrea Lorenzini

Andrea Lorenzini is Senior Transport Engineer at MemEx. His areas of expertise include passenger and freight transport, transport accessibility, rural and shared mobility services, smart cities, and urban logistics. Mr. Lorenzini provides technical assistance to public authorities and transport and logistics operators mainly in urban mobility and public transport services planning. He has actively contributed to research endeavors focusing on transport inclusivity and accessibility, end-user engagement, as well as the intermodal transportation of goods, encompassing both maritime and railway sectors. Mr. Lorenzini has conducted several feasibility studies and projects concerning bike- and car-sharing services, alongside initiatives aimed at the integration of shared mobility services and active modes with public transportation systems. He has also been responsible for various policy recommendations on sustainable mobility targeting the European Commission.

Mr. Lorenzini has served as project manager for projects across Europe related to the accessibility of public transportation, fostering sustainable and inclusive mobility in both urban and peripheral regions as well as citizen engagement. He is currently Project Coordinator of the SMARTA-NET project. Previously, Mr. Lorenzini was Technical Coordinator of the SMARTA project and Evaluation Leader on the Horizon 2020 SUMP-PLUS project. He also collaborates with Syracuse University, Italy, in the development of a training course focused on the European framework for maritime and intermodal transport. Mr. Lorenzini earned a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering and a master’s degree in civil engineering (hydraulic, transportation, and territory engineering) from the University of Pisa, Italy. During his academic tenure, he was awarded a research grant to investigate the implications of the construction of the Darsena Europa on the traffic basin of the Port of Livorno, Italy. He can be reached at