Arun Majumdar

Mr. Arun Majumdar understands hackers and the hacker culture and his area of expertise involves identifying signals that reveal the presence of hacking threats to an organization, ranging from cyber hygiene to cybersecurity to offensive cyber strikeback. He possesses deep skills in reverse engineering software from raw code binaries into understandable components that can reveal the underlying meaning of the software to expose potential malicious intent.

Mr. Majumdar's clients include small and large corporations that must understand and combat industrial espionage, human and machine trojans, IP targeting, and the discovery and exploitation of vulnerabilities. His expertise includes assessing security architecture; security improvement via offensive penetration strategies; deep packet analysis; data, BI, and adversarial information analysis; identifying threat behaviors in humans; recognizing malware threats; and detecting the malicious intent of actors engaged in covert activities. He can be reached at