Bill Joiner

Bill Joiner is one of the world’s foremost experts on Agile leadership. Dr. Joiner is a seasoned leadership and organizational change consultant with more than 30 years' experience completing successful engagements with organizations based in the US, Canada, and Europe. He is a frequent speaker at Agile conferences, was part of an Agile Alliance think tank on the future of Agile, and served on the design team that created the leadership track for the International Consortium for Agile.

Dr. Joiner’s primary focus is on working with senior leaders to achieve sustained outstanding results by developing their own agility, as well as the agility of the team and the organization they lead. Within this context, his specific areas of experience and expertise include coaching senior leaders in developing their teams and in leading organizational change; leading consulting, training, and coaching engagements to develop a more Agile leadership culture; and leading action-learning workshops that develop higher levels of leadership agility. Dr. Joiner has assisted Adobe, Aetna, Amgen, Bell Canada, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Corning, Deutsche Telekom, Digitas, EMC, Fidelity, Goodwill International, Harvard Business School, IBM, McKinsey, MIT, Novartis, PepsiCo, Polaroid, Royal Canadian Mint, Pfizer, Progress Software, Siemens, State Street, Sun Microsystems, T. Rowe Price, Travelers, and Wyeth, as well as various US and Canadian federal agencies.

Dr. Joiner is the codeveloper of Leadership Agility 360, the only feedback instrument that assesses research-based levels of leadership agility. As a designer of many custom-tailored offsite meetings for clients, he is the codesigner of Breakout Strategy Process, Fast Track Change Process, Agile Change Leadership Lab, and Pivotal Conversations Learning Lab. Dr. Joiner is also a frequent keynoter on leadership agility. He trains and certifies seasoned coaches to use Leadership Agility 360 and trains internal and external coaches to use the Leadership Agility framework in their coaching. For nine years, Dr. Joiner has served as a program adviser and adjunct faculty member for the innovative Leadership for Change program at Boston College, a graduate-level program for practicing business managers, which emphasizes socially responsible business practices. For three years, he has taught action-learning courses on leadership and consulting to practicing managers enrolled in the evening MBA program at Boston College. Earlier in his career, Dr. Joiner taught at Northeastern University and served as a Teaching Fellow at Harvard University. He is coauthor of the award-winning book Leadership Agility and has authored dozens of articles, including “Bringing ‘Leadership Agility’ to Agile,” published in Amplify. He can be reached at