Bjorn Cumps

Bjorn Cumps is a Professor of Financial Services Innovation and Fintech at Vlerick Business School, with a passion for banking and technology. Dr. Cumps heads the Vlerick Centre for Financial Services, which focuses on sector-specific research. He sees technology as a great catalyst for change, inspiration, and innovation and strongly believes the new digital mindset will reshape our current financial landscape. That is why he is fascinated by the fintech scene, which brings together traditional banks, tech companies, and new digital startups. At Vlerick, Dr. Cumps now focuses on further developing fintech teaching and research and conducts the Vlerick Masters Fintech Bootcamp. His main research interest is in the ways banking and insurance business models evolve under digital transformation.

Dr. Cumps obtained his master’s degree in commercial engineering at KU Leuven in 2003. In 2007, he became a doctor in applied economic sciences at KU Leuven after successfully defending his thesis on business-ICT alignment practices and determinants. Dr. Cumps has published in several academic and business journals, including Information & Management, JIT Teaching Cases, IT Professional, Information Technology for Development, Journal of Enterprise Architecture, The Guardian, Global Banking & Finance Review, Intercontinental Finance Magazine, and Money Market. He can be reached at