Bob Zukis

Bob Zukis is founder and CEO of Digital Directors Network (DDN). He is one of the world's leading advocates, educators, and advisors on systemic risk and digital and cybersecurity governance. Mr. Zukis founded DDN to address the lack of digital transformation and cybersecurity expertise in the corporate boardroom and to help directors and their companies more effectively address the strategic, litigation, and business risks of digital technologies. He is a Senior Fellow of the Conference Board’s ESG Center and member of its Cyber Advisory Group; adjunct professor at the University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business; emeritus board member of the Pacific Southwest Chapter of the National Association of Corporate Directors; and former PwC advisory partner, IT strategy and operations practice leader, and member of the global and APAC leadership teams. Mr. Zukis is coauthor of The Great Reboot: Succeeding in a World of Catastrophic Risk and Opportunity and the author of Social Inc.: Why Business Is the Next Social Opportunity Worth Trillions. He can be reached at