Carlos Parra

Clinical Professor

Carlos M. Parra is Clinical Professor in the Department of Information Systems and Business Analytics in the College of Business at Florida International University (FIU). Dr. Parra works on qualitative information systems research, including capability emergence, digital communities, and culture studies; neuro-economics, specifically exploring links between neural activation, self-reported measures, lab-task performance, and real-life behaviors; and corporate social responsibility (CSR), focusing on text analytics of CSR documents, impact evaluation of CSR initiatives/projects, resilient supply chains, and small businesses. He has taught courses on strategy development and implementation, business analytics, operations management, global logistics, global production and technology, sustainability management, industrial sustainability, and international marketing at graduate and undergraduate levels. Before joining FIU, Dr. Parra specialized in designing/executing aligned business development and CSR strategies as well as in overseeing the continuous improvement of associated processes and metrics for firms in financial and manufacturing sectors. He can be reached at