Charles Bowman

Charles Bowman has over 35 years' experience developing software systems and applications and has served as Chief Architect and Enterprise Architect for numerous clients. His expertise spans object-oriented analysis and design, developing business objects in Java, distributed objects, infrastructure process engineering, and multi-paradigm development. Mr. Bowman has an extensive data design experience, serving a consultant to Codd & Date, Inc. As part of his current practice, he supports clients in their efforts to adopt/integrate Cloud and related technologies such as STaaS, PaaS, SaaS.

Mr. Bowman is a principal of SoftWright Solutions, Inc., and has taught at both St. John's University and the City University of New York in subject areas such as algorithms & data structures, database design, and compiler construction. He has served as Editor-in-Chief for The X JournalUNIX Developer, and CORBA Development; Series Editor for the Managing Object Technologies book series of Cambridge University/SIGs Books; and is a regular contributor to many prestigious journals and magazines. Mr. Bowman has published several books, including Algorithms and Data Structures: An Approach in CObjectifying MotifWisdom of the Gurus; and Broadway: The Complete Internet Architecture. A graduate of New York's prestigious Brooklyn Technical High School, Mr. Bowman holds a BS in Computer Science from St. John's University and an MS in Computer Science from New York University. Mr. Bowman can be reached at