Charles Bowman

Senior Consultant
Business & Enterprise Architecture, Data Analytics & Digital Technologies

Charles Bowman is a Senior Consultant with Cutter's Business & Enterprise Architecture and Data Analytics & Digital Technologies practices. Mr. Bowman has over 35 years' experience developing software systems and applications and has served as Chief Architect and Enterprise Architect for numerous clients. His expertise spans object-oriented analysis and design, developing business objects in Java, distributed objects, infrastructure process engineering, and multi-paradigm development. Mr. Bowman has an extensive data design experience, serving a consultant to Codd & Date, Inc. As part of his current practice, he supports clients in their efforts to adopt/integrate Cloud and related technologies such as STaaS, PaaS, SaaS.

Mr. Bowman is a principal of SoftWright Solutions, Inc., and has taught at both St. John's University and the City University of New York in subject areas such as algorithms & data structures, database design, and compiler construction. He has served as Editor-in-Chief for The X JournalUNIX Developer, and CORBA Development; Series Editor for the Managing Object Technologies book series of Cambridge University/SIGs Books; and is a regular contributor to many prestigious journals and magazines. Mr. Bowman has published several books, including Algorithms and Data Structures: An Approach in CObjectifying MotifWisdom of the Gurus; and Broadway: The Complete Internet Architecture. A graduate of New York's prestigious Brooklyn Technical High School, Mr. Bowman holds a BS in Computer Science from St. John's University and an MS in Computer Science from New York University. Mr. Bowman can be reached at