Charles Rodriguez

Charles C. Rodriguez, cofounder of Synergetic Management Solutions, works with organizations that are attempting to make the transition from sequential to iterative product development. At Agile West 2013, it became apparent how many organizations struggle with the adoption of Agile frameworks. After successfully leading a movement at his previous employer to switch from waterfall to Scrum, Mr. Rodriguez decided to work alongside companies to help guide them through the twists and turns of an enterprise Agile adoption. He takes a hands-on approach to learn about a company's background, current processes, and where they wish to be in the future. Along with his work in software product delivery, Mr. Rodriguez is also expanding the application of Scrum to physical fitness and wellness. In a society where clients want instant gratification, most individuals become discouraged with their attempts to achieve weight loss and become healthier. The iterative philosophy behind Agile frameworks provides an excellent medium for helping clients see their progress one "sprint" at a time. He can be reached at ccrodriguez at agilescrumdaddy dot com.