Christopher Price

Christopher Price is R&D Associate Staff Member in the Manufacturing Energy Efficiency Research and Analysis Group at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), where he serves as Technical Account Manager for US Department of Energy (DOE) Better Buildings, Better Plants program. Dr. Price assists companies in baselining and tracking energy consumption and implementing cost-effective energy management programs for their facilities. He contributes to the development of various industry-focused software tools in areas such as energy baseline tracking, renewable energy, and utility bill analysis. Additionally, Dr. Price provides strategic analysis of emerging technologies, exploring their potential for energy savings and enhanced productivity, with a focus on geothermal energy and smart manufacturing. He also plays a role in coordinating international outreach initiatives promoting energy-efficiency practices and technologies in developing countries. Dr. Price earned a PhD from Texas A&M University in mechanical engineering with a focus on advanced control systems, building HVAC systems, and energy efficiency. He can be reached at