Dan Rawsthorne

Dan Rawsthorne is Chief Scientist and Senior Agility Instructor at 3Back LLC. He has been doing agility continuously since 1983, and has extensive knowledge of Agile software processes, procedures, and techniques. Dr. Rawsthorne was introduced to Extreme Programming (XP) by Cutter Consortium Senior Consultant Kent Beck in 1995, to Scrum by Linda Rising soon after, and made it his life’s mission to change the world through their use. Since then, he has coached hundreds of teams, trained thousands of people, helped the PMI develop its PMI-ACP certification, and worked with many organizations to scale their agility. Dr. Rawsthorne has delivered dozens of talks at conferences, written hundreds of blogs and articles, and is the primary author, with Doug Shimp, of four books on Scrum: Exploring Scrum: The Fundamentals, Scrum Handbook: Single-Team Scrum, Scrum Handbook: Multi-Team Scrum, and Scrum Guidebook: Analysis of the 2017 Scrum Guide. He is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and Certified Scrum Trainer (CST). In all his efforts, Dr. Rawsthorne’s PhD in mathematics guides him to look for underlying problems; his military background (retired US LTC) helps him understand the importance of teamwork and empower­ment; and his common sense says change must happen in small, manageable bites. He can be reached at Dan.Rawsthorne@3Back.com.