Daniel Monzon

Daniel Monzon is a Managing Partner at Arthur D. Little (ADL), based in Buenos Aires, Argentina; and a member of ADL’s Global Energy practice. He has provided assistance to both national and international energy, oil, and gas companies on corporate strategy and organization, and has delivered economic analysis in the Middle East, Asia, Europe, Latin America, and Africa. Since joining ADL, Mr. Monzon has led studies to support national and international companies' organizational and investment decisions, and has provided strategic assistance in refining, exploration, production, transport, and international expansion. He has supported key Latin American energy industry players, such as YPF, Repsol, COPEC, ENAP, Pampa Energía, ANCAP, Petroperu, ANP, and Ecopetrol, helping them develop their growth and expansion strategies. Mr. Monzon has extensive experience in refining and marketing, refinery valuation and conceptual design, technology selection, and conversion upgrade feasibility, as well as knowledge of the biofuels, liquefied petroleum gas trading, and distribution businesses. Previously, he was Head of Southern Cone Consulting for Wood Mackenzie. Mr. Monzon earned a bachelor's of science degree in industrial engineering from Universidad Nacional de Buenos Aires, Argentina, and an MBA from the Universidad del Salvador, Argentina. He can be reached at experts@cutter.com.