David Hay

Dave C. Hay is an expert at analyzing businesses to define architectures for corporate information systems. He has been an industry pioneer, writing about and practicing a wide range of system development methodologies for more than thirty years. Mr. Hay is an industry authority on information engineering, data warehousing, business process reengineering, activity-based costing, structured techniques, and CASE technology. He is also an authority on relational database technology and manufacturing applications. He has recently become expert at using the Kalido data warehousing system.

Mr. Hay has developed a model of a comprehensive schema for a metadata repository; created a repository of standard data models for standard business situations; managed strategic planning and requirements analysis studies using the most advanced modeling techniques and tools; developed and implemented interactive information systems using relational database technology; designed and helped implement data warehouses in several industries, including developing enterprise data models, strategies for loading legacy data and strategies for building data marts.

Mr. Hay has developed and conducted courses in strategic planning, requirements analysis, and CASE techniques and tools. He is the author of two books on development methodologies. The first is Data Model Patterns: Conventions of Thought, describing standard data models for standard business situations. The second is Requirements Analysis: From Business Views to Architecture, a compendium of analysis techniques, organized and related to each other in terms of an architecture framework. He is currently working on a new book on meta data. In addition, Mr. Hay has written numerous articles on systems development methods and is a frequent speaker at professional society conferences. He can be reached at experts@cutter.com.