David R Bernstein

David R. Bernstein is a seasoned technology executive, with experience in cloud computing, networking, security, big data, media, IoT, application and Internet infrastructure, particularly large systems for enterprise, Internet, and telecom. Mr. Bernstein has served as General Manager, CEO, CTO, SVP Engineering, and Director of Product Marketing & Strategy/Business Development. In addition, he has extensive business development experience from funding to M&A. Mr. Bernstein's specialties include cloud, Agile/DevOps, security, compliance, open systems/developer programs, intellectual property, standards, product marketing, product architecture, partnerships, and licensing.

In addition to his role with Cutter Consortium, Mr. Bernstein is Managing Director of Cloud Strategy Partners. He founded, and serves as Chief Architect for, the IEEE Intercloud Standard and Global Testbed. Testbed participants, including AT&T, Cisco, HP, Juniper Networks, Orange (FT), NTT/DOCOMO, Citic Telecom, University of Melbourne, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Essex University, Fraunhofer FOKUS, US National Science Foundation, and others, are working to change the dynamics of the cloud industry by open sourcing the technology. He has assisted several organizations with their strategic plans for and their transitions to cloud computing, including moving infrastructure to multiple hosts in multiple locations around the globe, to manage risk, meet compliance requirements, and maximize big data and deep learning opportunities.

Previously, Mr. Bernstein led software and communications projects for Huawei’s North America R&D center as Special VP and CTO. As VP/GM at Cisco Systems, he was responsible for cloud computing, interoperability and standards initiatives, and ran its Cloud Lab. While VP of Technology at Siebel Systems, Mr. Bernstein was responsible for strategy and product marketing, including technology design, and the go-to-market strategy, including relationships with Microsoft, IBM, BEA, and others, as well as SI and ISV partnerships, for Project Nexus, the next-generation product announced as Siebel Component Assembly. Prior to these positions, he served as SVP/CTO of Chordiant Software, where he led the rearchitecture and development of the entire enterprise software product line into J2EE and XML — a pioneering effort at the time. In addition, Mr. Bernstein has consulted as an expert witness in many software IP cases, particularly in the areas of cloud computing, storage and file systems, networking and network security, and digital rights management.

Currently, Mr. Bernstein is Associate Editor and on the editorial board of IEEE Transactions on Cloud Computing and serves on the editorial board of IEEE Cloud Computing, for which he is also a contributing author. He is an industry expert for "CloudWATCH (610994) DG Connect" of the European Commission Framework Programme 7 and founder and working group chairman of "IEEE P2301: Guide for Cloud Portability and Interoperability Profiles" and "IEEE P2302: Standard for Intercloud Interoperability and Federation." Mr. Bernstein is  cochair of IEEE International Workshop on Cloud Computing Interoperability and Services and IEEE/ACM International Workshop on Intercloud Federation and Convergence, Cloud and Grid. Prior board appointments and committee memberships include the organizing committee of CloudConnect Conference; general faculty of New York Cloud Summit 2010; committee member of Interop; member/US liaison of Global Inter-Cloud Technology Forum (Tokyo); program committee member of IEEE International Conference on Cloud Computing Technology and Science; cofounder of IEEE Cloud Computing Standards Initiative and Study Group, serving the IEEE in creating standards, publications, and conferences; board advisor for Catbird Corporation; guest lecturer at the University of California, Santa Cruz, Physics Department's annual The Physicist in Industry seminar; member of IEEE Computer Society Industry Executives Board; member of IBM Web Services Advisory Council; and board advisor to Iteration Software, InterSAN, and UXcomm. He is also an advisor/consultant to Oak Investment Partners, Foundation Capital, Interwest Partners, Battery Ventures, OpenView Partners, and Halyard Capital.

Mr. Bernstein holds a bachelor of science degree in mathematics with highest honors and a bachelor of science degree in physics with highest honors from University of California, Santa Cruz. He is a UC Regents Scholar and the recipient of the UC Chancellors Award for best overall undergraduate research. Mr. Bernstein also received a National Science Foundation/Office of Naval Research grant for numerical analysis and advanced computation, sound transmission through the ocean. He holds, or has pending, six patents, and has written dozens of articles and presentations for a variety of journals. Mr. Bernstein codeveloped a graduate-level course in cloud computing at the University of Amsterdam Computer Science Department's graduate studies curriculum. He can be reached at experts@cutter.com.