E.M. Bennatan

E.M. Bennatan was a Senior Consultant with Cutter Consortium's Agile Product & Project Management practice and a contributor to that advisory service, including its survey-based Executive Updates. His extensive hands-on management experience stemmed from many years as Senior Director at Motorola, Inc., developing large software systems and leading multinational design centers. He was also VP of Engineering at Midway Corporation, where he managed several hundred software and hardware engineers. A frequent lecturer and speaker on software project management, Mr. Bennatan is author of the 2006 Jolt Productivity Award-winning Catastrophe Disentanglement: Getting Software Projects Back on Track and On Time Within Budget: Software Project Management Practices and Techniques, now in its third edition. His books have been translated into several languages, including French, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

His main areas of expertise included software project management, software project catastrophe disentanglement and resolution, introduction of orderly process into ad hoc software organizations, establishing software development organization structure, reengineering and simplification of existing software processes, and management of multinational software development.

Mr. Bennatan was a senior member of the IEEE Computer Society and a member of the ACM. He was President of Advanced Project Solutions, Inc. Mr. Bennatan passed away in August 2013.