Emilio Gutter

Emilio Gutter is cofounder of 10Pines, an Argentina-based boutique software development company. Inspired by Agile principles, he established a self-organizing management model, with decisions made by consent and where all information (even financials and salaries) is available to everyone. Mr. Gutter has more than 20 years’ international experience under multiple roles, including Agile coach/trainer, technical leader, and software engineer. He has worked with varied-sized companies worldwide, from startups to large corporations, in several countries such as Argentina, Brazil, England, US, France, Romania, and Bulgaria. Mr. Gutter is a frequent speaker at technical and business conferences; organized Agiles 2008, the first Agile conference in Latin America; and chaired that conference in 2012. More recently, he organized the first Erlang and Elixir conference in Buenos Aires. Besides his work at 10Pines, he is a professor at the University of Buenos Aires in the engineering department, teaching Agile practices to undergraduate students. He can be reached at egutter@10pines.com.