Gerhard Friedrich

Gerhard Friedrich has served in corporate executive, senior professional consultant and university educator roles. His experience integrates strategic planning and execution, business transformation, organizational change and technology innovation implementation. Applying an outcome-based approach, Gerhard has helped several Fortune 500 corporations and institutions not only increase profitability but also achieve results that are more customer-focused. He also has applied his outcome-based approach to healthcare institutions' quality and safety culture change initiatives.

Gerhard's leadership experience spans multiple industries including high tech; pharmaceuticals; telecommunications; financial services; federal, state and local government; health care; consumer goods; retail; higher education; software; utilities; chemicals; and energy. He has worked for many prestigious global firms: Digital Equipment Corporation, Sherwin Williams, Computer Science Corporation, Corning Glass, PricewaterhouseCoopers, SAP Americas, RWD Technologies, and Johns Hopkins. Gerhard's consulting clients include DuPont, AT&T, Aetna, Saks Fifth Avenue, Michelin, State of Texas, 3M, Royal Bank of Canada, Ericsson, Mayo Clinic, Middlebury College, USDA, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Daimler Chrysler, ExxonMobil, Associated Press, and the Peace Corps.

All major transformational change initiatives require tremendous dedication and effort. Having the passion to achieve exciting and meaningful outcomes provides the inspiration and energy to obtain them.

Gerhard Friedrich
If a Cloud-Based Digital Transformation Is the Answer, What Was the Question?

Gerhard holds a BS in Psychology from Penn State and an MA in Corporate and Political Communications from Fairfield University. He's earned post-graduate certifications in Psychotherapy (Gestalt Institute of Cleveland) and in Organization Development & HR Management (Columbia University) and has been a Visiting Behavioral Scientist at MIT Sloan School of Business. Gerhard is currently an adjunct faculty member at the Carey School of Business at Johns Hopkins University. He can be reached at