Greg Smith

Industry, Technology

Greg Smith is a Partner at Arthur D. Little (ADL), based in London. He founded and co-leads ADL's Digital Problem Solving practice and is a member of ADL's Executive Committee, where he has responsibility for ADL's global innovation strategy. His work focuses on business strategy in the context of digital transformation as well as the application of disruptive information technologies in solving intractable business problems in major enterprises. Recently, Mr. Smith has been focusing on digital operating models for established businesses, including the changes required in technology, culture, IT functions, business technology interactions, organizational design, and governance, and how these can combine to enhance customer and service experience.

During the last decade, he has alternated between strategic advisory and consultancy roles (ADL, Capgemini, and Atos Consulting) and hands-on technology leadership as CIO of a major private equity–owned logistics company going through a merger in record time. This latter role allowed Mr. Smith to discover the joys of applying Agile principles to wholesale business transformation and the need to be able to explain IT's explicit value contribution. He holds a bachelor of science degree in biological sciences from the University of Leicester, UK, and finds that after 30 years of dormancy within his professional life, the underlying concepts of biology are becoming increasingly valuable at unlocking business problems and articulating solutions — especially where reductive, engineering-based approaches need to be replaced with whole-system, evolutionary thinking. He can be reached at