Ipek Ozkaya

Ipek Ozkaya is a senior member of the technical staff at the SEI. With her team, Dr. Ozkaya works to help organizations improve their software development efficiency and system evolution. Her work focuses on software architecture practices, software economics, and requirements management, and her latest publications include articles on Agile architecting, dependency management, and architectural technical debt. Dr. Ozkaya also chairs the advisory board of IEEE Software and serves as an adjunct faculty member for the Master of Software Engineering Program at CMU. She also organizes different events (tutorials, workshops, and sessions) and is an invited speaker at software engineering, Agile, and architecture venues (e.g., ICSE, OOPSLA, SATURN, and WICSA). She holds a doctorate from CMU. She can be reached at ozkaya[at]sei[dot]cmu[dot]edu.