Jamie Gale

Business Technology & Digital Transformation Strategies

Jamie Gale is a Senior Consultant with Cutter Consortium and a partner at Arthur D. Little. He specializes in digital problem-solving. Jamie works closely with clients to jointly introduce innovative and award-winning solutions on a global scale. Digital technology, problem-solving and customer experience are at the core of his work. He is passionate about the positive impact of digital technology in business and sharing the digital patterns that drive success in today's global economy. 

Over a 20-year career in technology, Jamie has worked with some of the largest companies and brands in the world, helping them solve business problems using digital tools, techniques, and frameworks. He has led innovative programs covering customer experience, asset management, commercialization of products, operational effectiveness, IT and digital strategy, IT operating models, and pre-merger due diligence across a wide range of industry sectors including travel and transport, retail, oil and gas, financial services, as well as in the public sector. Jamie holds a BA (with Honors) in politics with international relations from Liverpool University, and a Masters of Arts degree in international political economy from University of Leeds. He can be reached at consulting@cutter.com.

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